Strategic Art Concept services provide a rare source of Art talent and production flexibility that is not easily found in our challenged world. We are able to deliver material mastery, professional service, and value engineering. Contact us for an estimate on your project today! 1-(818) 915-6088, or send an email.
Strategic Art Concepts offers the following services:

  • Design development and collaboration, including material selection, durability, engineering details, electrical and/or electronic needs, ADA and OSHA compliance codes.
  • Model construction, Prototyping, Scale model. Engineering / Drafting, Shop drawings and detailing.
  • Project planning, Time lines, Prioritization, Scheduling, Logistics management, Progress analysis.
  • Budget development, Value engineering, and Budget analysis.
  • Interior and exterior design,Themed interiors, Exhibit construction
  • Fabrication in wood, metal, fiberglass,
  • Precast cement and gypsum products. Architectural elements / Fireplace mantels
  • Sculpture / Bas relief and Three dimensional /Bronze, Class 1 fiberglass, Cement
  • Mosaic, Stone, Glass, and Tile / Malibu tile / Tile design and installation for Commercial and Residential property.
  • Scenic and faux finishes
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